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Slow Joe turns 81


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Nov. 19 2023

President Biden turns 81 tomorrow. We wish him a happy birthday in the privacy with which he is bound to celebrate it. He doesn’t want to draw attention to his achievement in longevity, though I can’t think of another positive achievement he can claim.

Eighty-one might not be too old to be president, but Biden gives evidence in every public appearance that it is, at least in his case. His handlers sought to conceal his decline by keeping him in the basement during the 2020 presidential campaign. In office, his handlers have sought to conceal his decline by a variety of stratagems. Lest he get lost in a fog during public appearances, for example, his handlers provide him with cards specifying step-by-step instructions in capital letters. And yet he still gets lost in a fog during public appearances. The cards can only do so much.


Contemplating the prospect of Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom or any of the other Democratic wannabes, one can’t help but conclude that the trouble with Biden is not his age, or not only his age, but rather the malignant idiocy of the policies he has introduced and promoted since his first day in office. He has inflicted great damage on the United States every day since his ascension to the presidency. That is the main thing, along with the corruptions of the Biden family business. I wonder if he might have done even more harm if he were in full possession of his faculties.

Biden’s mental unfitness is secondary to the unfitness of the policies that have become the controlling orthodoxy of the Democratic Party. Slow Joe needs to move on, but any likely Democratic successor will continue to carry us further along the path of wanton destruction.



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