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Hooves, hounds, and heroes: Animal soldiers of World War I and II


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The Daily Star

It doesn't take a historian to tell you that the World Wars were tumultuous periods in human history. Marked by unprecedented global conflict, World War I and II are still recognised as two of the most significant and devastating wars ever, profoundly shaping the 20th century and the timeline to follow. However, amidst the chaos of the two wars, animals played crucial roles, serving as loyal companions, transporters, messengers, and even soldiers on the front lines. Let's take a look at how these unsung heroes made significant contributions to the war efforts during World War I and II.



It comes with no surprise knowing that man's best friends were among the most versatile and indispensable animals during both wars. They served in various capacities, including messengers, sentinels, search and rescue, and even scouts. In World War I, messenger dogs carried important information across the treacherous battlefield, saving countless lives by facilitating communication between units.:snip:

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