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Girl Scouts To Host Training Sessions On ‘Internalized Racism,’ ‘White Supremacy Culture’


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Daily Wire

The Girl Scouts of the USA is set to offer a four-part “racial equity” training series to volunteers and parents focusing on “internalized racism” and “white supremacy culture.”

The 111 year-old organization created to serve America’s young women appears to have adopted Critical Race Theory, the divisive ideology that has taken root in America’s schools and corporations. The four part series, set to begin on December 13, will start with a virtual lesson titled “Foundations in Racial Equity,” before launching into “Foundations in Internalized Racism” a month later on January 16.

“Understanding and Decentering White Supremacy Culture” will take place on February 5, and will be followed by the final lesson, titled “Navigating Change, Power and Equitable Decision Making,” in late March.:snip:

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