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Israel, Islam & the New Cold War | Niall Ferguson


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John Anderson Conversations
Nov 13, 2023

John is re-joined by pre-eminent historian Niall Ferguson to analyse the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas. Ferguson argues that due to the nature of Hamas’ urban warfare, tunnel systems and civilian shields, Israel will have a long and difficult campaign ahead. He also points out that the decline in Western support for Israel, particularly in the younger generations, is due to a woke university system propagating Islamist and left-wing viewpoints, attempting to create a moral equivalence between the October 7 terrorist attacks and Israel’s response.


00:00 Israel and Hamas

04:41 Israel and the West’s response

09:14 Generational support for Palestine

13:36 Global Terrorism and Radical Islam

18:25 Immigration and Assimilation

26:52 Why the Left supports Palestine

29:30 The New Cold War

38:16 Cold War I and Military Deterrence

40:36 American Fiscal Policy

46:34 Israel, Palestine and the Western World

47:55 The Pacific Cold War

53:40 Isolationism and WWIII

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