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Wokesters for Osama bin Laden?


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National Review/The Corner

Charles C. W. Cooke

November 16, 2023

In his post on the newfound Osama bin Laden craze that has taken TikTok by storm, Jim writes that:

Robert Frost once said, “A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.” What we’re seeing in the recent “Wow, bin Laden made a lot of good points” crowd are Americans who will not take their own side in a war with people who are hell-bent on killing Americans.

There is something like self-loathing at work in our culture, a mentality that refuses to accept the contentions that we are good and worth protecting and worth continuing. This is a good time for us to continue what started Tuesday: to declare that nothing justifies the deliberate murder of civilians, to insist that we and our allies are good and worthy of defense and preservation, and to call out evil, and make sure that it meets up with the consequences of its actions, good and hard.

This, of course, is all correct. Much of what bin Laden says in his letter is indistinguishable from the output of your average Ethnic Studies professor, so, grotesque as it most certainly is, the fact that the sort of people who are marinated in the output of your average Ethnic Studies professor enjoyed reading it should probably not come as a great surprise. In his missive, bin Laden wrote:

Your law is the law of the rich and wealthy people, who hold sway in their political parties, and fund their election campaigns with their gifts.

Had he not followed it up directly with “Behind them stand the Jews, who control your policies, media and economy,” this sounds like the sort of thing you’d hear openly on TikTok in pretty much every other context.

The same is true of his charge that:

Your forces occupy our countries; you spread your military bases throughout them; you corrupt our lands, and you besiege our sanctities,



Dear Wokesters

Be careful what you wish for.....you just might get it.


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Nov 18, 2023

Bill is back with, plot twist, his long-lost cohost Caleb. They tell you how they really feel about Gen Zs lionizing Osama bin Laden on TikTok and then do an around the horn update on how jihadi groups around the world have (or have not) responded to the war in Gaza.

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Why Western Women Are Converting to Islam

Since October 7, young Americans have been professing their devotion to the Quran in ‘the ultimate rebellion against the West.’

By Francesca Block and Suzy Weiss

November 18, 2023

It took Megan Rice just three weeks to go from first opening the Quran to professing her belief that Muhammad is the one true messenger of God. 

It all started on October 20, when Rice, a black American millennial-aged activist, announced on TikTok that she was reading the holy book for the first time. 


I’m enjoying the read so far. #islam #thequran

Perched on her couch in a gray sweatshirt, she said to her then-400,000 followers in a video that has since been viewed more than 5.3 million times: “It just seems that Palestinians have this ironclad faith even in the face of losing quite literally everything.” 

Three days later she founded the World Religion Book Club, a virtual community now boasting more than 13,000 members, where she conducts live readings of the Quran. Israel’s response to the Hamas attack on October 7 is where her journey toward the religion “all started,” she told her followers on November 2. 

Drop your tips in the comments. Also before y’all jump at my throat, the coffee is from Biggby. 😂

By November 10, she first appeared on TikTok in a hijab, and the number of her followers had doubled. (It currently stands at 865,000.) The next day, Rice took her shahada, the Islamic ceremonial profession of faith, officially converting to Islam. 

Rice is among a new swath of TikTok users—typically non-Arab, left-leaning Western women—who consider themselves “reverts” to Islam, based on the belief that all people are born on a natural path to Islam and therefore revert, rather than convert, to the religion.

There are currently scores of TikTok hashtags that include the word revert, including #WhiteRevert (1.6 million views), #BlackRevert (174K views), #JewishRevert (131K views), and #JapaneseRevert (278K). Biggest of all is the simple hashtag #revert, with 2.9 billion views, followed by #RevertMuslim (1.4 billion), and #MuslimRevert (525 million). At the same time, Osama bin Laden’s Letter to America, in which the terrorist justifies Al Qaeda’s hatred of the West and its attack on the Twin Towers, went viral this week on TikTok as young Americans declared admiration for his ideas.



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I would suggest that we gift these women a one-way ticket to a country of their choice where Islam is state religion; I’m sure they will be quite pleased practicing their new faith there.


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What's even more terrifying than hand-wringing Gen Z-ers suddenly embracing 9/11 terror kingpin Bin Laden? One day, despairs KARA KENNEDY, they'll be running America

For the first time in my life, I'm terrified of my generation.

For 22 years after nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11, all it took was a social media fad to convince these Gen Z lemmings that the terrorist slaughter was justified.

What else could they be persuaded to believe?



I can only imagine the reaction of horrified Boomer parents who woke up Thursday to read about what their ne'er-do-well offspring were doing in the basement the night before.

Many were watching TikToks praising one of humanity's most deranged mass killers and his infamous 'Letter to America.'

Yes, I'm talking about terrorist Osama Bin Laden's screed of radical Islamist rantings, his feeble attempt to rationalize the 2001 murder of innocents by claiming that American foreign policy in Israel and around the Arab world brought on Al-Qaeda's attack.

Views of the associated hashtag have topped a total of 12.5million, with some videos being 'liked' over 100,000 times.

How could my peers stomach reading such gutter scum – let alone be moved by it?

Here is what some TikTokers had to say:

Bin Laden 'was right'.

'My life will never be the same [after reading this],' another moaned.

Others claimed to have been launched into 'an existential crisis'.:snip:

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Satan Announces Early Retirement Thanks To TikTok
Nov 17, 2023

HELL — The world is in shock today after the father of lies abruptly stepped down from his role as "the adversary." The Devil credited the astonishing performance of TikTok, an invention he reportedly developed together with his business partner Xi Jinping.

"I've been doing a lot of soul searching as it were — I mean, I don't have one, but you get the idea — and I believe it's time to retire," said Satan during an impromptu press conference. "There just isn't anything for me to really, you know, do anymore. I think TikTok has it pretty well covered."


"Look, this isn't goodbye," said Beelzebub. "I'll still be around. But let's face it, no one needs this ole serpent no more. TikTok is basically a portable version of me that you can carry everywhere and use throughout the day."

The prince of darkness then warned his demons not to use TikTok themselves.


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