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Female pool player forfeits championship rather than compete against a man — and the crowd goes wild


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The Blaze

Cortney Weil
November 14, 2023

A female pool player in Wales walked away from the final round of a championship tournament rather than compete against a man posing as a woman, and those attending the tournament immediately roared in approval at her decision.


As is custom, Pinches and Haynes took lag shots to see who would go first in their match. Pinches won and briefly shook hands with Haynes. However, rather than set up to break, Pinches afterward calmly walked over to the referee and explained that she would not participate in the round. She then packed up her stuff and walked out — to thunderous applause.

The moment was captured on video and shared on social media by Reduxx:

"Yes, Lynne!" shouted one Pinches supporter as the sounds of approval from the crowd continued to grow. Haynes, who was ultimately pronounced the tournament winner, remained seated after the handshake.


More At The Daily Mail



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