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Election Fraud Deniers Are The Real Threat To Democracy


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If you are like us, you’re sick and tired of being labeled a “denier” any time you challenge the left’s agenda. Don’t believe the earth will be destroyed unless we all live like cavemen? You are a climate denier! You worry about side effects from an experimental new vaccine. Vaccine denier!

And if you suspect that election fraud is a real problem, you’re an election denier!

The problem is that the “deniers” keep turning out to be right.  

The latest example came out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, earlier this month, when a judge overturned the primary election for mayor because of an “unprecedented” volume of evidence showing ballot fraud, including surveillance footage exposing supporters of the incumbent stuffing stacks of absentee ballots into drop boxes.


Even CNN, which can always be relied on to dismiss election fraud as a myth, was forced to admit that “the Connecticut case does highlight the potential vulnerabilities with mail-in voting.”

Just as a reminder, this is exactly what “election deniers” have been saying since 2020, when Democrats used COVID as an excuse to implement widespread mail-in voting schemes across the country.

This is hardly the only recent case of election fraud involving mail-in ballots.:snip:

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