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There Should Be Only One Goal to This War


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Nave Dromi
Arutz Sheva
November 13, 2023

In April 1920, Arab Palestinian terrorism was born. So too was the simple formula, so successful over the next century, of massacring Jews and then making excuses.

In that year, when Pesach coincided with the Muslim festival of "Nabi Musa," starting with bloodthirsty religious sermons by one Haj Amin al-Husseini, tens of thousands of Arabs rioted and slaughtered Jews throughout the Old City of Jerusalem, while chanting "Palestine is our land, the Jews are our dogs!" (They were not self-titled Palestinians yet, just Arabs living in the region of Roman-named Palestine, otherwise known as Southern Syria.)

Rather than placing the blame on the Arabs for the massacre, the world sought to make excuses and appease them when the British Mandatory powers made al-Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, despite his being clearly and legally implicated in the bloodshed.

As is now known, al-Husseini would spend much of the Second World War as a staunch ally of Hitler, the Nazis and a supporter of the extermination of six million Jews.

Unfortunately, then, as now, the world felt the need to assuage Arab violence by buying their excuses and claims of victimhood.


Abbas constantly incites the Palestinian Arabs to hate and murder, pays terrorists according to the number of Jews they kill, and memorializes mass murderers as heroes for the next generation.

Abbas is not the solution, but very much part of the same problem.

- For Israel to declare victory, it must root out and have a zero tolerance for Palestinian Arab violent rejectionism.

- It must defeat all terror groups, whatever their name.

- Israel should be breaking the will of Palestinian Arab leaders so that they give up their Jihad, through military, economic, political or diplomatic means.

- They must be forced to accept the permanence of the Jewish State in its ancestral and indigenous homeland.

This is the only way to finally bury Palestinian Arab violent rejectionism and end the over 100-year-old conflict once and for all.

This should be the true goal of this war.

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