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Newt’s World – Episode 628: The Peacemaker


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 November 12, 2023
Newt talks with writer, actor, economist, and lawyer Ben Stein, about his new book, “THE PEACEMAKER Nixon: The Man, President, and My Friend.”

It has been almost fifty years since President Richard Milhous Nixon resigned from the presidency. Nixon normalized U.S. relations with China, signed the first major strategic arms limitation treaty with the Soviets, and made peace possible in the Middle East. Nixon ended the war in Vietnam and brought home the prisoners. Nixon said he would leave us a “generation of peace,” and he did.  Newt’s guest is writer, actor, economist, and lawyer, Ben Stein. He was a speechwriter and friend of President Nixon.  His new book, “THE PEACEMAKER Nixon: The Man, President, and My Friend” is out now.


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