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Biden's New Radical Policy Forces Federal Workers to Salute to the Rainbow Flag


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The Biden Administration is taking woke to a whole new level with its new "gender pronoun" mandate. 

On Thursday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a new rule that will force all employees to comply with the chosen gender pronouns of people despite their biological sex. 

According to a Heritage Foundation expert and former HHS official, the new Biden mandate infringes upon employee rights and will result in workers being fired for "misgendering." 

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Roger Severino, the Heritage Foundation's vice president for domestic policy and the former head of civil rights at HHS during the Trump administration, said that the "federal government is requiring its employees to speak falsehoods."

The First Amendment, however, protects federal employees from being required to speak falsehoods. It also protects Americans from "being compelled to adopt a state-approved ideology and requiring people to deny their own faith."

In a social media thread, Severino exposed the Biden Administration's progressive agenda, saying that the Democrat Party is forcing "pure ideological conformity" on Americans. :snip:

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