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Daily Caller

A report published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on Tuesday found government agencies incorrectly reported spending and, at times, did not report their expenditures to USAspending.gov, the official source of federal spending information.

The Departments of Treasury, Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation (DOT) were flagged by GAO for having multi-billion dollar discrepancies across different public COVID-19 spending disclosures during the 2022 fiscal year. Twenty-five executive agencies, which are responsible for internally determining if they meet the conditions that would require reporting their expenditures to USAspending, were included among the 49 agencies GAO identified as having not reported their COVID-19 obligations to USAspending.


GAO recommended that Congress delegate power to Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget to independently determine which agencies are required to report and to “oversee the completeness of reporting by all required agencies.”

“If Congress or the Office of Management and Budget, in coordination with the Department of the Treasury, do not take recommended steps to improve the quality and reporting of data, USAspending.gov will not provide policymakers and the public with transparency over all funds federal agencies spend, as required,” GAO told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Treasury had the greatest discrepancy in COVID-19 spending across its different public reports. The department denoted $231.5 billion in COVID-19 spending in its annual financial report and only reported $36 billion on USAspending.:snip:

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