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The Hamas Wing of the 'Climate' Cult


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The Pipeline

Steven F. Hayward

08 Nov, 2023

To understand the perversity of the dominant faction of the "climate change" cult, it is worth recalling a discordant moment from a decade ago that did not get sufficient attention. Back in 2013 NASA’s famous climate scientist James Hansen, the person who perhaps more than any other elevated climate change to the top of the world’s policy agenda with his sensationalized testimony to Congress in 1988, published a study that concluded nuclear power had saved 1.8 million lives worldwide between 1971 and 2009 that would otherwise have been lost from conventional fossil fuel pollution, especially coal. Hansen further estimated that an expansion of nuclear power could save up to 8 million lives over the next 40 years.


Right now the something else is the cause of Hamas, which is proving more able than Extinction Rebellion at getting large mobs into the streets. This was made evident when the Joan of Arc of the climate cult, Greta Thunberg, posted on social media a photo of herself declaring “Stand with Gaza,” alongside another activist with a “Climate justice now!” banner. It turns out that Thunberg is just as ignorant about the Middle East as she is about climate change: the photo included in the background a toy octopus—an old Nazi-era symbol of supposed global Jewish conspiracy.

With the joining of climate action and Hamas, we can think of Thunberg and her acolytes as the Hamas wing of the "climate change" cult. And instead of calling out the radicalism of Thunberg and her enabling elders like Klein, Oreskes,  Gore, etc., the useful idiots of the media celebrate Thunberg. Time magazine named her “Person of the Year” in 2019—the youngest in the magazine’s history.

Scientists with genuine interest in climate, but who typically have no understanding of politics, fail to grasp the destructiveness of the radical element that prevents development of nuclear power or research into other technological options for coping with the unlikely event of significant climate change decades in the future. It is tempting sometimes to wonder if  Thunberg is the devious creation of a mustache-twirling coal executive working from a Bond-villain lair in the mountains of West Virginia, except that foolish governments want to follow her ignorant advice, while leading segments of the climate cult are rushing to embrace the most evil cause since the heyday of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

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