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Restoration of America

The Left’s media-industrial complex is in full swing, and ProPublica is one more cog in that fear-spreading machine. It’s time conservatives learn the truth behind this “trusted” investigative outlet.


ProPublica boasts that it’s a straight-down-the-middle muckraker working to “expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust.” In reality, that couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

From its founding, to the recent smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to an ever-growing mountain of articles slanted against conservative values, it’s all too clear that ProPublica has slowly morphed into the attack arm of the Democrat Party—a role it was arguably created to serve.

A simple examination of ProPublica’s history and donors is enough to demonstrate that the group has always been an undercover, left-leaning publication; but to remove all doubt, Restoration News reviewed over 700 articles written between 2022 and 2023 to discover just how biased they really are.

The results are shocking for a newsroom that claims to be “unbiased,” but they corroborate the conclusion that many have already reached: ProPublica disproportionately attacks conservative and Republican values—all at the whim of its wealthy, ideologically driven donors on the Left.

The worst part is, this news organization frames its work to seem neutral and unbiased while touting “nothing but the facts, ma’am” journalism through its publishing partners across the nation.

We make no secret that our objective is to equip conservatives for the battlefield of America’s information war with the “progressive” Left. We arm ourselves with the truth. In that light, we recognize that some of ProPublica’s reporting is fair and balanced, and appreciate that the group provides an important service in publishing thousands of IRS nonprofit tax forms for free on its website every year—one which is helpful for investigative journalists studying how our nonprofits are abused by ideologues for partisan gain.

Yet a few useful services cannot outweigh the biases of ProPublica nor the damage it’s wrought to the conservative movement. It’s time for ProPublica to be honest and upfront with its readers and publishing partners about just where it stands in service to the Left’s increasingly radical political agenda, so the American people can make up their minds.


Uncovering the Bias



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Founded and Funded by Lefty Money

When looking at an organization’s bias, it is important to see who is paying its bills. Donors and their preferred politics help show how an organization operates, but looking at the web of leftist money and the initiatives they chase paints a damning picture for ProPublica. Interesting enough, but not surprising at all, many of ProPublica’s donors have vested interests in “grassroots” organizations that demonize Thomas and attack the courts.

Is it too far to assume that the financial leaders of ProPublica would use the organization to bring credibility to their smaller, special interest attacks? Not at all.


The Sandler Foundation, a project of Herbert and Marion Sandler, who “instituted borrowing practices that were largely blamed for the housing market collapse,” is the largest founding donor to ProPublica. The foundation, which accounts for 20 percent of all ProPublica’s donations, has given roughly $50 million to ProPublica since 2010 for “general purposes.”

The Sandler Foundation also donates to litany of other left-leaning organizations and has given nearly $1 billion in grants since 2006.

The group backs the left-of-center policy think tank the Center for American Progress (the Left’s Heritage Foundation knock-off), which supports abortion, LGBTQ advocacy, increasing the minimum wage, climate alarmism, gun control and illegal immigration. The Sandler Foundation provided the group with $2.3 million in startup money and later provided another $4 million in contributions.

In 2019, the Sandler Foundation also delved into “dark money,” donating $500,000 to the New Venture Fund (NVF), part of the multi-billion-dollar “dark money” activist network run by the D.C. consultancy Arabella Advisors. Those funds were funneled on to Demand Justice, the Arabella spin-off responsible for creating the Left’s court-packing scheme and savaging Justice Clarence Thomas.:snip:

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