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Harvard Law Student Says Pal at Anti-Israel Protest Was Protecting Her From 'Aggressive' Jew


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The Washington Free Beacon

Israeli student put 'peaceful protestors at risk' by filming them, Harvard's Aashna Avachat says
Collin Anderson    
November 6, 2023

The Harvard University law student who accosted an Israeli student at a campus "die-in" was merely protecting "peaceful protestors" who were put at risk by the "aggressive" Jew, a fellow law student at the Ivy League school said.

Aashna Avachat, a second-year Harvard Law student who attended the protest, made the claims on Wednesday in a series of social media posts.

Avachat was defending her classmate, Harvard Law student Ibrahim Bharmal, who was captured on video grabbing and accosting the Israeli during the Oct. 18 protest. Bharmal is an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Bharmal, Avachat wrote, was keeping anti-Israel demonstrators "safe from a student who was putting peaceful protestors at risk" by filming their activity.

Avachat also said the Israeli student was "masked/covered to hide his identity," though she later reposted photos and videos that showed the student was not wearing a mask. Avachat acknowledged that the Israeli student did not make physical contact with the protesters, who were lying on the ground outside of a Harvard Business School hall, but "nearly" did.



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