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Nashville Shooter Decried ‘Crackers’ And ‘White Privilege,’ Leaked Manifesto Pages Reveal


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The Daly Wire

Luke Rosiak
Nov 6, 2023

The transgender-identifying killer who murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville was consumed by leftist racial hatred targeting whites as “privileged,” according to three pages of the shooter’s diary released by podcaster Steven Crowder on Monday.

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertables [sic],” the 28-year-old female shooter wrote in a diary entry dated February 3.

“I wish to shoot you weakass d—ks w/ your mop yellow hair, wanna kill all you little crackers! Bunch of little f—gots w/ your white privileges,” she wrote.

Three photographs of the pages of the shooter’s diary were obtained by Crowder, who reported that his investigative team independently confirmed the authenticity of the images. The Daily Wire’s sources have also confirmed the authenticity of the pages.







A Nashville city council member, Courtney Johnson, told The New York Post that she was led to believe that the manifesto was a “blueprint on total destruction” that would be “astronomically dangerous” if released. The detailed agenda obtained by Crowder does not include any detail that would be useful to copycats, it merely says to take guns, go to the school, and begin shooting.

Russ Pulley, a Nashville city council member and former FBI agent, was dismissive when asked by The Daily Wire on the status of the manifesto earlier this year, saying he trusts the police.

A spokesman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told the AP that under state law, legislators could access the records if a committee passes a resolution, but they have not done so. A spokeswoman for Lee told AP that the governor can also review the records under state law, but he has declined from doing so until police “provide clarity” on them for the public.

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1 hour ago, Geee said:

Nashville Trans Shooter Couldn’t Spell White Privilege, But Knew She Hated It

A white girl who thought she was a boy shows us the outcome of Leftist indoctrination.


It’s understandable in light of this that the authorities, all Leftists themselves or cowed and cowardly slaves of Leftists, kept this manifesto covered up for so long. Back in April 2023, TBI Director David Rausch lied outright about Hale’s rantings, claiming that “the killer did not write about specific political, religious or social issues.”

Why would Rausch lie so brazenly? Because he, or those who ordered him to lie, knew that if this manifesto ever did see the light of day, it would lead people to think that maybe pumping confused young girls with testosterone and filling them with class resentment and hatred is a recipe for disaster. Rather than allow for a large-scale reconsideration of the Left’s insane and destructive social agenda, Rausch and whoever orders him around opted to leave the public in the dark, risking future murders like the ones Hale committed, in order to preserve the Left’s empire of gender fantasy.

I wonder if David Rausch understands Progressives don't really view this as a disaster, but one more piece of chaos which will lead them to Control.

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Audrey’s Manifesto

John Hinderaker

November 6, 2023


But they don’t include much, or anything, about her ideology or her motivation. “Trans” leaders had called for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” to “stop trans genocide,” to take place just a few days after Hale’s murder spree. Was that coincidence, or did activists influence Hale to enact her own “day of vengeance”? We still don’t know.

In my view, even more salient than the ideological question on which the “manifesto” would shed light is the chemical question. Audrey Hale was caught up in the “trans” fad. Shortly before her death, she decided that she was “really” a man. Was she undergoing the chemical regimen associated with sex change operations? I don’t know. I am not sure whether this has been publicly reported. But rates of mental illness are sky-high among those who believe themselves to be “trans,” and it could be valuable for health professionals to know whether a chemical regimen contributed to Hale’s homicidal mental condition.

But all of that will have to wait for another day. The “manifesto” is still hidden, and honest discussion of the biological implications of sex-change procedures is still far off.

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