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Libraries and counties cut ties with American Library Association after ‘Marxist’ lesbian’s election


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The College Fix

At least eight government entities have cut ties with the American Library Association since its new “Marxist lesbian” president took over, a College Fix analysis found.

The American Library Association is currently led by Emily Drabinski, a self-described “Marxist lesbian,” who is also a librarian for the City University of New York. She also said that libraries and public schools need to be “site of socialist organizing,” during a conference in September.

The group has come under fire for its support for pornographic books available to kids while it simultaneously tried to stop conservative Christian events.

The College Fix reached out to Drabinski (pictured) and the ALA for comment on the departures and asked if there were any plans to meet with the former members to discuss their concerns. A spokesperson for the library association responded to The Fix but did not address the specific question about departures.:snip:

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