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No Fourth Term For Barack Obama


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Barack Obama has been sucking up the headlines again for what he’s been saying and doing. The significance of his words and deeds is not actually limited to the particular issues. It’s that they indicate what many have dimly suspected and many others have assumed: he is still running the show. The Biden Administration was his third term—3.5, if you consider how he was the shadowy figure behind so much of the government resistance to President Trump.

It’s good that this truth is being made known. Voters will have to look at Joe Biden—or any Democratic nominee at this point—and ask if they are getting more of the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama promised would fill out his promises of “hope and change.” Yesterday, we marked fifteen years since the first black president’s historic victory, yet we know that though America was changed, increased hope played little part in this transformation. We can’t give Obama another term.  

Think I’m exaggerating? Left-wing journalists, noting that Donald Trump has said this, call it  “a stupid idea.”  Yet NBC News reported earlier this week that it was Barack Obama who had been one of the main actors in formulating the policy that went into the Biden executive order on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This executive order has worried many onlookers because its language hints at the possibility of government clampdowns on speech and the enforcement of critical race theory. Assistant Commerce Secretary for Communications and Information Alan Davidson earlier this year said that the goal of AI regulation would include stopping “misinformation, disinformation, or other misleading content.” And in the NBC News report we read that part of Obama’s “approach was to urge industry leaders to consider risks beyond national security, including information integrity, bias and discrimination.”

At the end of the week, a snippet of an interview with the Pod Save America podcast was released (the full interview will come out on Tuesday) in which Obama sonorously intoned how though Hamas’s actions were “horrific,” nonetheless “the occupation and what’s happening to Palestinians” are “unbearable.” Urging Americans to see the “complexity” in the situation, he spoke about how all, including himself, are “complicit” in this and spoke about the difficult way forward.:snip:

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