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Here's What Happened When an IDF-Trained Dog Found a Hamas Terrorist in a Tunnel


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Israeli forces continue to clear out Hamas terrorists, many of whom are hiding in the terror tunnels. They’re waiting to ambush incoming IDF forces; some have already done so, though they have been beaten back. Based on maps, Israel intends on cutting Gaza in half while dealing with Gaza City in the north first, where reportedly most of the hostages are being held. 

Israel gaining the military advantage was never in doubt; Hamas has no air force. It’s the clearing out of terrorists in the tunnels, plus urban warfare and a hostile population, that makes this operation messy. It’s why Israel can and should take their time. And it doesn’t help that they’re conducting this war under the microscope, where pro-Hamas elements in the media, activist circles, and academia are spewing antisemitism into the airwaves. 

They do have a foam bomb to deal with terrorists hiding in the tunnels, but it’s still risky as they need to set off these devices in the dark, and the chemicals have blinded IDF soldiers in multiple accidents. The tunnels are also booby-trapped. Thousands of terrorists can hide down there, thanks to Hamas hoarding fuel that keeps the generators flushing these underground structures with oxygen. 

But there’s also another anti-personnel device that’s been effective in catching terrorists underground: dogs. Watch what happened when an IDF-trained dog found a Hamas terrorist hiding::snip:

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