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TV report: Hamas downed IDF drones and a surveillance camera weeks before Oct. 7


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Times Of Israel

Nov. 5 2023


Terrorists burst through the border fence from Gaza into Israel on October 7, 2023. (Channel 12 screenshot; used in accordance with Clause 27a of the copyright law)

In the 4-6 weeks before their devastating October 7 assault on southern Israel, Hamas carried out a series of attacks at the border fence, and gauged the IDF’s responses to them, Channel 12 reports. The IDF “failed to connect the dots,” and Hamas used all these attack skills when bursting through the fence at multiple points on the morning of October 7.

Among these, it downed drones used by the IDF divisional headquarters, partially scrambling communications with IDF posts and bases close to the fence, the report says.

It blew a hole in the border fence large enough for someone to get through — a hole that the IDF swiftly fixed, the reports says. (It has previously been reported that Hamas detonated explosives at the fence, during demonstrations there, weeks before the attack.)

And throughout the month prior to the attack, it tried to bring down cameras at the fence used by surveillance soldiers. “They finally managed to bring one down… and then stopped trying,” before using the technique widely on October 7, the report says.


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LIVE UPDATES : Israel shelling hits refugee camps, hospitals, and water supplies - Day 30

Sunday 5 Nov 2023

Entering its 30th day, Israel's war on Gaza continues with mass killings, airstrikes, and ground operations. Israeli forces have yet to achieve any significant victory, except for killing nearly 9,500 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and displacing more than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million people. The humanitarian situation is dire, with accusations of genocide and ethnic cleansing leading to an increasing global outcry.

21:45 Israel army says it opened a humanitarian corridor to allow Palestinians in northern Gaza to evacuate to its south.

“Today, we opened Salah a-Din road as a humanitarian corridor for civilians of the northern Gaza Strip,” says Col. Moshe Tetro from the road, near Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood.

“I ask again that all civilians of the northern Gaza Strip move to south of the Wadi Gaza.

“The northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City are a war zone, a very dangerous area,” he concluded.

20:55 The Israeli army said its land assault on the Gaza Strip had on Sunday split the Palestinian territory in two, with "significant" strikes continuing in its war on Gaza.

Israeli forces "have encircled Gaza City... Now there exists a south Gaza and a north Gaza," said army spokesman Daniel Hagari.


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