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The Shocking Lessons Of History Everyone Has Forgotten - Niall Ferguson ****


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Niall Ferguson is a historian, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution & Stanford University and an author. We often hear that history tends to repeat itself. But if you're a professional historian, just how accurate is that statement? What are the big lessons that we keep missing? And how doomed is our future if we don’t learn from the past? Expect to learn Niall's opinion on the quote “History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes”, why everyone should read more history, the biggest lessons most people keep ignoring, why the modern abandonment of formal education for smart people is actually a good thing, just how big of a threat China is to the West, what Niall thinks will happen in America in 2024 and much more...


00:00 Are There Patterns to History?

08:51 If History Can’t Be Repeated, is it Just BS?

17:54 Why You Shouldn’t Compare Great Historical Empires

23:10 How To Learn from History More Effectively

30:18 How the Printing Press Created the Information Revolution

36:58 Areas of History We Don’t Know Enough About

48:00 Niall’s Thoughts on the 2024 Presidential Election

57:32 Where to Find Niall Ferguso

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