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Christian Actor Mark Wahlberg to Create ‘Hollywood 2.0’, Announces Location of New Studio


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Gateway Pundit

As the Nevada legislature debates tax credits for the film industry, actor Mark Wahlberg said Las Vegas can become the new Hollywood.

“I would love to see us building studios, creating jobs and just diversifying the economy. I’ve moved my last film here. I’m shooting another film here coming up in the summertime,” Wahlberg, who last year ditched California for Nevada, said, according to CNBC.

“I think there’s so much more opportunity to be created here. There’s so much growth and so much potential, it’s a wonderful opportunity for everybody to prosper,” Wahlberg said.


Wahlberg was among entertainment industry leaders urging Nevada lawmakers to increase tax credits for film production from $10 million per year to $190 million per year over the next 20 years.:snip:

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3 hours ago, Geee said:

@Valin Las Vegas less corrupt than Hollywood :o who would have ever thought !

At least no one pretends they are. 



I lived  there for a couple of months in late 72 early 73. 2  quick stories  A old guy walks into Circus Circus, looks like he can't by the time of day. Pulls out a Wad of cash that would choke a horse. That's why they treated everyone good. Woman playing Baccara. On a scale of 1 to 10 she's about a 12. In about 15 m9inutes she drops $30,000(?). She gets up with a stunned look that says OMG What Is "Daddy" gonna say!


BTW f you go there the ONLY game to play is BlackJack. Otherwise the odds are all with the house.

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