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The RNC should not agree to GOP primary debates on CNN, MSNBC, legacy media outlets


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Karen Townsend

June 03, 2023

Bad behavior should not be rewarded. The push is on from television networks and cable news channels to partner with the RNC to host Republican primary debates. The answer from Ronna McDaniel and the RNC must be no to any outlet other than conservative-leaning ones. Why would Republicans want to debate on networks that are openly unfriendly to them?


Why is anyone talking about primary debates right now when the election is so far off? The first debate will be in August and that is less than two months away. I know. We are in the hustle and bustle of primary season whether we like it or not. It’s here. We are seeing the field of candidates come together and it will likely get a little bigger before it’s all done. Then the weeding out starts. How many will survive the first debate?

There is no pretense of fairness in political news coverage anymore. The first GOP primary debate has been given to Fox and that is reasonable. Rumble is partnering with Fox for the first debate. It is a conservative alternative to YouTube. Axios is reporting that the legacy networks – the dinosaur alphabet networks – have submitted bids to the RNC.



Sue  let them....after charging them 397 million dollars...per person.


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