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NIH Scientist Testifies Government Ignored Importance of Natural Immunity—Let Us Now Commence, Once Again, the Great Misremembering


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Unfortunately, for many online experts, the internet never forgets.
Paul D. Thacker
Jun 2, 2023



A congressional hearing on lessons learned from the pandemic made clear the obvious: there will be no lesson learned from the pandemic. Testifying before the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, NIH scientist Margery Smelkinson stated that early data demonstrated the robustness of natural immunity after COVID infection, showing it was similar or even superior to vaccine-conferred immunity.

Centuries before we had vaccines, observers noted that infection provided some sort of future protection against disease, while modern researchers understand that natural immunity works for nearly all viruses. Outside of the United States, countries acknowledged the importance of natural immunity from prior COVID infection by granting exemptions from mandates and passports. Israel allowed a COVID-19 Green Pass for prior infected citizens, and if you had recovered from COVID, you could also get an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

America, of course, is the exception.

But in the land of Big Pharma, where the President’s nominee to run the NIH took $43 million in research funding last year from Pfizer, should we expect anything different? Denmark has stopped COVID vaccinations for people under 50, and Switzerland has withdrawn its COVID vaccine recommendation for all ages, but in America, the CDC still recommends infants as young as 6 months be vaccinated.


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