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Another Month, Another “Identity” In The Spotlight


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Thu, Jun 1, 2023 

The ideal used to be that we were all the same, now we fight over who is more special.

It’s a new month today and this month is “Pride” month.  *YAWN*  It’s gotten boring; every month we are celebrating some group or the other and it all just sort of washes together into blur that most people try to ignore altogether.  This particular month has brought some pushback that is amusing and deeply truthful, but all such does is call more attention to that which should not be paid attention to.  Live your life, just don’t meddle in mine.  If I meet you I promise I won’t disrespect you, but you ain’t that special either – give it a rest.

Reparations?  Please – “Pay me for being born African-American.”  Pride Month?  Honestly – “I want the spotlight, give me the spotlight, I demand the spotlight.”  We are not discussing equality or any other such noble concepts anymore, we’re discussing special favors and blessings, from attention to “fame” to finance that’s all this is about anymore.


How do you discipline a pouting child?  The best strategy I know is to ignore them.  They’ll go to their room and pout about a bit, maybe emerge quite dramatically a few times, but eventually figure out they have to go along to get along and come out cheerful and compliant.  The time has come to ignore all the pouters around us.  Just ignore them, leave them be, that’s all – quarreling is an ersatz form of reward for their nonsense.  Just ignore them.

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