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'Facebook Receipts' project aims to reveal Meta's ability to influence Congress through high-powered lobbyists


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Fox News

FIRST ON FOX – A new project dubbed The Facebook Receipts aims to put a harsh spotlight on the social media juggernaut’s staggering ability to influence legislation and regulation in Washington, D.C., through high-powered lobbyists.


"The Facebook Receipts shows that data is power, that bringing together already open-sourced information, and the material that we've uncovered, reflects that Facebook's influence is strong in D.C., but it also goes to show that as their lobbying dollars increase, so is the energy in Congress to do something about this issue," Zamaan Qureshi told Fox News Digital. 

The 20-year-old Qureshi, a political internet wunderkind who got involved during the 2018 midterms when he felt social media was being used to influence voters, is part of the Real Facebook Oversight Board, which began in the wake of Facebook's formation of its own oversight board. 

The group embarked on the Facebook Receipts project to expose how Big Tech lobbyists used power and influence to kill would-be-landmark antitrust bills in the previous Congress that would have reined in Silicon Valley monopolies, such as Facebook parent Meta. :snip:

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