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How To Defund The IRS? Top 10 Reasons For A National Sales Tax


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Let’s pick up where our IRS-defunding I&I editorial board brethren lately left off: “There is … a better way to fund federal operations. Move to a single-rate income tax paid monthly with no deductions and no withholding, or implement a national sales tax.”

This commentator chooses National Sales Tax for several trillion dollars, Alex. While he has engaged in many exercises to explain why that levy solves a whole range of problems, here are some highlights in Lettermanesque fashion – the Top 10 Reasons for a National Sales Tax:

10. Keep it simple, stupid! Flat tax or no, the biggest problem with an income tax: it’s on income. The complexity and intrusion relates to determining what is and isn’t, and tracking, income.

Uncle Sam gets to snoop on hundreds of millions of taxpayers to make sure you’re not hiding income. Admittedly, for most taxpayers calculations get simpler without deductions, exemptions and the like. But eliminating withholding would only increase demands for government to stick its nose into your business to ensure you’re not getting money under the table. Especially for the self-employed.:snip:

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1. Anyone who thinks a national IRS go  away because of a National Sale  Tax...Think Again!

2 Ever hear of this?





You're gonna have to have an IRS agent in Every Store in the County to make this work. A  National Sales Tax is a Hidden Tax, you're still paying it, you just don't see it.

I'd like to see withholding gotten rid of. Every year people would have to sit down and write checks to (local/state/nation) government. And EVERYONE Pays something. I want taxes to be Painful.

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