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California School District Pays $1M To Victim Of Disgraced Teacher And ‘Ethnic Studies’ Activist


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The Daily Wire

Luke Rosiak
May 31, 2023

A California school system and a former teacher who is a prominent leftist activist have agreed to pay $950,000 to a student who was assaulted in the classroom by the teacher, in order to settle a lawsuit alleging that the school system kept the teacher in the classroom despite knowing of repeated instances of sexual and ideological misconduct.

Matef Harmachis is a leader in the “ethnic studies” movement who pushed Communism to his classroom of mostly Hispanic teens. In 2017, he was convicted of assaulting a teenage girl after admitting that he nibbled her ear in his classroom. The victim said that he repeatedly touched her buttocks.

Harmachis, who is a black American but contends that he is “African” and adopted the name of an Egyptian god, blamed racism for actions against him and, in a previous email to The Daily Wire, called the victim, a DACA recipient, a “Karen” for reporting the assault to authorities.

“I have never seen a case where a school district ignored so many red flags and allowed a dangerous individual to have unfettered access to vulnerable students,” said Morgan Stewart, an attorney for the victim—whom The Daily Wire is not naming.


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