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Even Liberals Hate Crime


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

May 31, 2023

Do liberal women like to be victimized by the feral predators that haunt America’s cities? No. No, they don’t. This is why a crowd turned out for a city council meeting in Oakland, California, perhaps the most liberal city in the U.S., to protest the city’s soft-on-crime policies. This woman was one of several who spoke:

More such videos here.

The interesting question is, will citizen uprisings in liberal cities like Oakland bring about any significant change? I think the answer is No. The Democratic Party is pro-crime, and I think that commitment is unshakable. To bring meaningful change, residents would have to be willing to vote Republican. And even if they were willing, there is hardly any Republican infrastructure in cities like Oakland. I am not sure there are any serious Republicans to vote for, or an organization to get them elected. So basically, it is either put up with increasingly horrific violence and disorder, or move. This is a principal reason why California is hemorrhaging residents.



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