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How To Speak Up And Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Month Activities At Your Child’s School


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The Federalist

No one is coming to stop this. Your only option is to let your own school know you will not allow your child to take part. 

My friends and I are bracing for the annual rainbow onslaught poised to swamp families coast to coast this June. This year’s storm looks like a Category 5; it’s already blowing the doors off the nearby Target and wreaking havoc on the Bud Light warehouse. 

As bad as it is out in corporate land, it’s worse in the public schools, where it’s harder to see — almost like they’re trying to keep it secret! Many schools have even moved their pride events up to May so that no child is freed for summer vacation without being forced to take their required rainbow pill.:snip:


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EXCLUSIVE: Pittsburgh Bishop Calls for ‘Pride Mass’ To Be Cancelled

Mary Margaret Olohan

May 31, 2023



In a letter sent to clergy and those upset by news of the “Pride Mass,” Bishop David Zubik emphasized that neither he nor Duquesne University President Ken Gormley “knew anything about the Mass until calls came in to our respective offices over the holiday weekend.”

What we have learned is that independent sponsors, without the authorization of the pastors of the parishes listed, promoted the event with a flyer that confused some and enraged others.  This event was billed as a ‘Pride Mass’ organized to coincide with Pride Month, an annual secular observance that supports members of the LGBTQ community on every level, including lifestyle and behavior, which the Church cannot endorse.

Many of the responses to the flyer jumped to the conclusion that I gave approval to this event.  I did not.  Many of the responses also used condemning and threatening, and some might say hateful, language not in keeping with Christian charity, especially of the Lord’s command “to love one another as I have loved you.

Zubik also highlighted that the Catholic Church has invested “much energy” into welcoming those who deal with sensitive issues in their lives, noting that “we all have the responsibility to love those who have same sex attraction.”

“But at the same time,” he said, “the Church cannot support behavior that goes against God’s law.”

As Pope Francis has reminded us, the Church, and this diocese, have strongly encouraged welcoming, listening and accompanying those in LGBTQ communities with various ministries such as Courage and EnCourage.  We need to and want to do more in our pastoral care.  We welcome, listen and accompany but cannot endorse behavior contrary to what we know to be God’s law.  At the same time, we must be willing to love and welcome each other as children of God.

My hope is that the Church of Pittsburgh is welcoming to the LGBTQ community and in turn that the LGBTQ community is welcoming of the Church and her teachings.

Given the controversy surrounding the event, Zubik asked that the planned “gathering” be cancelled.


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