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Media Matters Launches Misinformation Campaign Against Joe Rogan, His Guests


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Daily Caller

Articles published Wednesday by Media Matters and The Verge misrepresented both the science and sources on the relationship between Earth’s magnetic field and the potential for climate impacts on Earth.

The articles published by The Verge and Media Matters focused on one niche area of pole shift theory called the “Adam and Eve” hypothesis, which tells of the catastrophic destruction of the climate and planet should the planet’s magnetic poles suddenly switch location within the Earth’s field. The hypothesis has been discussed on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and by a slew of other excellent channels, such as “The Why Files,” but from the perspective that it is one of many, many ideas and areas of climate science that people don’t understand yet.

People on the internet clipped parts of these discussions, framing them as if Rogan, his guests and others, were endorsing this one, niche hypothesis as the cause of climate change. MediaMatters and The Verge then used this small number of viral videos to accuse Rogan and others of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories.:snip:

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