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Message to Hunter


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Scott Johnson

May 30 2023

The New York Post publishes Jonathan Turley’s column on newly uncovered messages deriving from the panic induced by the New York Times coverage of the Biden family business in December 2018. Turley’s Post column is headlined “Bidens offer ‘safe harbor’ to Hunter as he flails over scandalous reports, new messages show.”

In his long column, Professor Turley writes: “Joe Biden repeatedly claimed as a presidential candidate and as president that he had no knowledge of any foreign dealings of his son. Those denials now appear patently false.” He concludes: “This was classic corruption.”

As I read his column, it is not apparent to me where the messages come from or why they have only now been discovered. Do they come from the infamous laptop? (See below.)

Josh Boswell covers the messages in a straight news story for the Daily Mail. Boswell’s story is headlined in the Daily Mail’s tabloid style: “EXCLUSIVE: ‘You need a safe harbor – I can work with your father alone!’ The telling text Jim Biden sent to nephew Hunter suggests Joe WAS in on their business plans after scathing article appeared linking connection to corrupt Chinese energy deal.” The Daily Mail illustrates Boswell’s story with screenshots of the messages.

Boswell attributes the source of the text messages to the infamous Hunter Biden laptop: “The texts from Jim [Biden], 73, newly uncovered by DailyMail.com, bolster the claims that Joe not only knew about his son’s and brother’s foreign venture; he may also have been involved in it.” Boswell also provides the obligatory nonresponse: “When approached by DailyMail.com, a spokesman for Jim Biden, Brian McDonough at Kessler PR, declined to comment.”


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