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Can DeSantis Beat Trump? (DeSantis, Trey Gowdy Analysis)


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Mr. Reagan

Ron DeSantis had a DISASTEROUS campaign launch with a glitch-filled Twitter Spaces session where Elon Musk got more attention than he did. Can someone who bungles his campaign right out of the gate defeat Donald Trump? Well, the interview DeSantis gave FOX news host Trey Gowdy went a bit better. I sit down and analyze DeSantis's responses in the interview and try to figure out if he's someone who could possibly win in the 2024 election.


Actually a good analysis. The Comments however (from both sides) is another matter

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5 hours ago (edited)
I am not happy that he's jumped in when the country and the world needs and deserves TRUMP!

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6 minutes ago (edited)
He says "if you elect me I will be the one being sworn in."... That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard anyone say



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