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Florida isn’t hostile to blacks, but these blue states sure appear to be


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Washington Examiner


If the NAACP wants to identify states where policy is hostile to blacks, it should turn its eyes to states and cities run by Democrats. At the end of 2022, the national black unemployment rate stood at 6.1%. In Florida, it was more than two points lower at 3.8%. Meanwhile, black unemployment was higher than the national average in California (7.5%), Illinois (10.9%), and New York (8.3%).

The story is worse in Democratically run cities. In New York City, for example, 12.2% of blacks are unemployed. Compare that to Miami, where the black unemployment rate is 4.7%. If you are a black person looking for a job, California, Illinois, and New York are far more hostile environments than Florida.

Black people know this even if organizations such as the NAACP, which claim to speak for them, do not. That is why black families, especially middle-class black families, are leaving Democratically run states in droves. New York City has lost 9% of its black population over the past 20 years . Over the past 40 years, the black populations of Compton, San Francisco, and Oakland have fallen by 45%, 43%, and 40%, respectively. Black families are fleeing Chicago too . Meanwhile, Florida’s black population has grown from 3.1 million in 2010 to 3.8 million today.


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