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Supreme Court packing just the latest Dem effort to control the court


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Washington Examiner

Many Democratic leaders just won’t give up their nefarious court-packing schemes. They also keep repeating flagrant falsehoods to support the idea.

Last week, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and other Democrats introduced a bill to expand the Supreme Court from nine seats to 13. The goal, obviously, is to rig the high court for the Left to take over what is considered a 6-3 conservative majority.


As we have argued before, court-packing flies in the face of history, tradition, and logic, not to mention legitimacy in the eyes of the public. The court has stood at nine members for 154 years and has exceeded that number only once during the emergency of the Civil War.

That case is easy to make. What bears recapitulation is the refutation of the Left’s falsehoods to remind the public of the record of 40 years of judicial nomination battles.


Markey’s explanation for the latest court-packing bill was mendacious to the max.

“When a bully steals your lunch money in the schoolyard, you have to do something about it, or else the bully will come back over and over again,” he said. “So we’re in this fight, and we’re going to reclaim these seats. We’re not going to allow the bully to win.”

Markey is alleging that conservatives or Republicans have been the collective “bully” in the court fights. The facts show the opposite. For four decades, the Left has abused the process, with Republicans being the victims.

By the middle of President Ronald Reagan’s first term, the Left was using the American Bar Association to scuttle judicial nominees on spurious ideological grounds. By 1986, leftists earned their first major scalp by blocking the judicial nomination of Alabama’s Jeff Sessions, leveling accusations of “racism” against him despite the public record strongly indicating the opposite.:snip:

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Ever notice the Democrats never had  a problem with 9 Supreme Court members until there was a 6-3 conservative majority? Just something I noticed a while ago.

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