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High School Boys Send a Clear Message to Trans-obsessed State Legislators – Report


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Power Line

Elizabeth Stauffer

May 21, 2023

A group of boys at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon, showed state lawmakers exactly what they thought of HB 3294, the “Menstrual Dignity Act,” legislation that passed in 2021.

They pulled the newly installed feminine hygiene dispenser off the boys room wall and threw it in a toilet, precisely where the unnecessary and offensive device belonged.

High school boys simply put the tampon dispenser in their bathroom EXACTLY where it belongs.
The deranged among us were, of course, appalled by the boys’ behavior.
So you support vandalism in schools? Wasting tax payer dollars because these boys are offended? Raise better kids, Scarlett.

I keep wondering when liberal elites will reach peak wokeness and we might see this madness begin to recede. I’ve always been baffled by their ability to argue such mindless talking points with a straight face.

Why are we catering to the 0.7% of people who identify as transgender at the expense of the 99.3% who do not? And why are we celebrating gender dysphoria as a courageous lifestyle choice rather than the mental disorder that it is?

This nonsense needs to stop. Sorry, liberals — and I know this will break your hearts — but real boys don’t menstruate and thus, have no need for tampon dispensers in their bathrooms.

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