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Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch issues excoriating review of COVID lockdown policies.............


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The Daly Mail

........... including business closures and vaccine mandates and calls them 'among the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the history of the nation'

Lewis Pennock

20 May 2023

  • Justice Neil Gorsuch labeled the avalanche of lockdown measures imposed during the pandemic as among 'the greatest intrusions on civil liberties'
  • He said leaders at state and federal level issued emergency decrees 'on a breathtaking scale'
  • Congress and state legislatures 'too often fell silent' as strict rules were laid down, he added

A Supreme Court justice has labeled the avalanche of covid lockdown measures imposed across America as among 'the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country'.

Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered an excoriating review of the restrictions enforced at both a state and federal level by executive officials.

In a statement written as part of a Supreme Court case about Title 42, Gorsuch said emergency decrees were issued during the pandemic 'on a breathtaking scale'.


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You Must Read What This Supreme Court Justice Said About the Epidemic Response
Kevin Roche

May 20, 2023

I can’t write this point any better, so I am just giving you a long quote from the opinion of Justice Neil Gorsuch recently.  I made the same arguments repeatedly–that legislatures and courts were abdicating their responsibility to rein in the dictatorial decrees of the state and federal executive branches during the epidemic, actions which had no basis in law and were blatantly unconstitutional.  I have no hope that anyone has learned anything of lasting impact or that the courts will be any more diligent in protecting freedoms and guarding against authoritarian government actions in a future epidemic, which actions were all futile in any event.

Therefore I am convinced that we need new laws, even new constitutional provisions, that prohibit emergency actions that last more than two days and require that legislatures must pass laws in regard to such actions as are thought necessary in an emergency and that courts are required to rule on the legality and constitutionality of such laws immediately.  It is unconscionable in a democracy to have freedom so cavalierly trampled on with no factual basis that the actions taken will actually remediate the circumstances constituting the emergency.  And it further should be clear that certain constitutional rights can never be abridged regardless of the existence of supposed emergencies.

Here is Justice Gorsuch’s opinion:


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