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One third of Canadians fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessnes


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National Post

 Roughly the same number told a poll they were fine with approving MAID for someone whose only affliction was poverty
Tristin Hopper
May 16, 2023

One third of Canadians are apparently fine with prescribing assisting suicide for no other reason than the fact that the patient is poor or homeless.

The results were contained in a recent Research Co. poll probing just how comfortable Canadians were with the current state of the country’s MAID (medical assistance in dying) regime.

Starting in March 2021, Canada became one of only a handful of countries to legalize assisted suicide even in instances where a patient does not have a terminal illness. Ever since, a Canadian can be approved for MAID simply for having a “grievous and irremediable medical condition.”

Research Co. found that 73 per cent of poll respondents favoured the current regime, and only 16 per cent opposed it.

Pollsters also found not-insignificant numbers of Canadians who favoured assisted suicide in cases where no medical condition of any kind was present.



Medical Assistance in Dying Should Not Exclude Mental Illness
April 21, 2023


Aug 30, 2021
This video, How could a nurse kill children?  T4 Euthanasia Program, is a monologue performed by ‘Greta Schmidt,’ a nurse living in Weimar Germany who is involved in the euthanasia programme T4. While the film focuses on euthanasia and theories regarding eugenics, it also gives an insight into why ordinary people were willing to follow the Nazis to such grotesque extremes, by explaining the background of poverty and desperation in Germany following the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression.


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