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Democratic Party convention descends into 'complete chaos' in Minnesota


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Fox News

The leader of Minnesota’s Democratic Party says he is calling an emergency meeting this week to "ban individuals engaged in violent assaults" from its ranks after a tense confrontation erupted over the weekend at an event to nominate candidates for a Minneapolis City Council seat.

The showdown between supporters of Minneapolis Council Member Aisha Chughtai and her challenger, Nasri Warsame, on Saturday has been surrounded by allegations of assault from both campaigns ahead of the November election.

Video shows the incident began after a crowd of Chughtai supporters took the stage in preparation for her speech, which caused an uproar among Warsame supporters. Some Warsame supporters then jumped on the stage, shouting, banging on tables and waving signs. The Ward 10 convention ultimately was adjourned without a nominee being chosen.

"Stop! This is embarrassing!" a party official could be heard shouting into a microphone. "The police are being called, everyone leave the building now. Out! Out! I’m shutting this down! This is no longer safe.":snip:

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