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The federal government’s Catch-22 strategy to cover up its spying on Sharyl Attkisson


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American Thinker

We’ve been covering the incredible story of Sharyl Attkisson, the award-winning journalist, who discovered that her computer was being not just spied-upon but remotely taken over by the federal government. This was ten years ago, as she was reporting on the Fast & Furious Scandal for CBS News. She recorded video of her computer screen being remotely controlled, among other evidence.


The feds had no interest in pursuing their own wrongdoing, so Sharyl was forced to launch a civil suit, which has been in process for years now. We’ve publicized her GoFundMe appeal for help in the very expensive process of documenting the crimes and pursing justice in civil court.

Now, via her GoFundMe page, Sharyl reveals the way the feds have used the law to put her in a no-win Catch-22 situation. In an update written by Mark Fitzgibbons, who has organized the GoFundMe appeal, we learn the incredible, unassailable power the feds have:

You cannot make this up:

+The government's computer intrusion is forensically confirmed and undeniable, with forensic proof that the govt. is the source.

+But since DOJ won't hold their own accountable or prosecute them, my only recourse is to seek justice through this civil lawsuit.

+Forensic proof isn't enough to get the case to a jury. The courts require me to somehow play detective and, in advance, identify the names of the govt. people responsible for the intrusions, and supply the proof of their direct involvement... but without the power to access the evidence.:snip:

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