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Hunter Biden Bombshell Pt 1 | Verdict Ep. 167


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 May 12, 2023 
Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Ben Ferguson continue their deep dive into the Biden crime family and the weaponization of the federal government. We explore the big tech connections, the money sources, and the FBI whistleblowers who face retaliation for coming forward.  Don’t miss this episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

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May 18 2023

The corruption of the Biden Crime Family is staring us right in the face. From Hunter Biden’s drug and gun crimes to whistleblower reports alleging that Joe Biden sold out U.S. policy to foreign agents, the level of corruption is staggering. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Republican politicians do nothing but promise one dead-end investigation after the other. It’s time to take matters into our own hands. Glenn Beck has a plan to finally bring the Biden Crime Family to justice, but he needs your help. Join Glenn as he outlines concrete actions YOU can take to finally bring about the Reckoning the Bidens so richly deserve.

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