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Weaponizing Death - Victor Davis Hanson


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American Greatness

Death is traumatic enough, without searching for ways to gain political traction from it. 

Recently there has been a spate of horrific murders. 

The killers, whether committing mass shootings or single homicides, are hard to stereotype. 

They can be clearly either mentally ill or simply innately evil. They can kill for revenge, for ideological purposes, out of hatred, for notoriety—or for no known reason at all. 

They are probably left-wing and right-wing, white, black, and brown, young, and old. While their weapons of choice are semiautomatic rifles, there are plenty of killers who favor handguns and even knives. 

Unfortunately, these tragedies increasingly have become politicized. 

Yet our media and politicians do not apply a common standard of reporting about either the victims, the killers, or the apparent motives and circumstances of the violence. 

Instead, each horror is quickly analyzed for its political usefulness. Then its details are electively downplayed or emphasized, depending upon the political agenda at work. 


A sad example was the terrible murder spree at the private Christian Covenant School in Nashville. A transgender male lethally shot six people, including three 9-year-old children.:snip:


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