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They're Lying to You! Dr. James Tour Exposes Scientific Establishment's Misleading Projections *****


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Recorded May of 2018 with permission from @user-ur7pr3do4c at the Nitzotzot forum. In this video, Dr. James Tour speaks out against the scientific community for misleading the public and cutting off funding for those who come against them. Dr. Tour believes that there is a calculated attack on people who disagree with the scientific community, and that the complexity of cells and the various arrangements of molecules necessary for life are not being adequately addressed. He suggests that projections made by scientists are often inaccurate, and that there are real problems with evolution. Despite his concerns, Dr. Tour encourages the scientific community to be more transparent about what they know and what is conjecture. He believes that if scientists were more precise, the distrust from the public towards the scientific community would decrease. Featured: Don Page, Physicist Dr James Tour, Organic Synthetic Chemist

0:00:00 Calculated attack on people who question the science

0:02:40 Articles on the Origin of Life

0:04:24 Scientists can be wrong

0:06:01 Rejection from the national academy of sciences

0:08:03 Global cooling?

0:09:09 Junk DNA

0:09:43 Let's not be arrogant

0:11:04 We have not yet made life's building blocks

0:12:05 Another signatory

0:13:27 Would a discovery challenge your faith?

0:20:42 Universal common descent

0:26:28 Global warming

0:30:11 Speak with Dr Tour 1 on 1

0:30:29 When is the best time to read the bible?

0:32:55 How does your faith affect your science?

0:40:48 What integrity gets you

0:41:46 Support Jesus and Science foundation

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