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BREAKING: Full footage reveals former Marine Daniel Penny putting Jordan Neely in 'recovery position', passengers complimenting him


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The Post Millennial

The veteran Marine was taken into custody following the altercation, but was released.

Katie Daviscourt Seattle WA

May 7, 2023

Full footage that emerged on social media this Sunday revealed that marine corps veteran Daniel Penny had placed Jordan Neely in a "recovery position" after subduing him on the New York City subway earlier this week.

Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old violent homeless man and repeat offender with over 40 prior arrests, died on Monday after Penny, 24, had placed him into a chokehold on the F train. Neely had reportedly started behaving erratically and showing aggression towards other passengers.

The unearthed full footage revealed passengers complimenting Penny for taking action. It also shows Penny and one other passenger arranging Neely's body in the "recovery position" in an attempt to ensure that he would be okay. A passenger off screen can be heard saying "he'll be alright." Neely appears to be moving late in the video.




May 8, 2023
AOC HUMILIATED After New Video DEBUNKS Democrats, Proves Daniel Penny Tried To SAVE Jordan Neely

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George Floyd 2.0?

Steven Hayward

May 14 2023

The following question ought to be put publicly: If the person who died as the result of Daniel Penny’s brave act of self-defense had been white or Asian, would Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg have indicted Penny? Everyone knows the answer to this.

The left is clearly trying to re-run the George Floyd drill. In the aftermath of Floyd’s death, the nation’s ruling elite had a nervous breakdown. One good indicator of this is the database our friends at the Claremont Institute produced of contributions to Black Lives Matter and associated leftist race-related organizations in the aftermath of L’Affaire Floyd. The total comes to a staggering $97 billion (mostly from corporate sources indulging their liberal guilt and buying off their internal DEI faction lodged securely in their HR departments)—more than the GDP of 46 African countries. See more in Josh Hammer’s commentary in Newsweek.

Are we going to see a re-run of the Floyd/1619 Project riots again this summer, especially if—as I think possible—Daniel Penny’s indictment is dismissed at the first preliminary hearing? Will we see corporations rushing to open their checkbooks again to pay off the race-hustlers? Will there be shrines erected and public squares renamed in memory of Jordan Neely? I doubt it.


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