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German Christian School Takes Case Against Nation’s Homeschool Ban To High Court


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The Daily Wire

Ben Zeisloft
May 7, 2023 

The Association for Decentralized Learning, a Christian hybrid school provider in Germany which offers both virtual and home education, filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights after government officials refused to grant the entity approval to open new schools.

German authorities did not approve a 2014 application from the Association for Decentralized Learning to launch primary and secondary educational opportunities. Attorneys filed a lawsuit over the inaction in 2017 and presented their case in three separate hearings. The German Constitutional Court dismissed a final domestic appeal last year.

Lawyers for Alliance Defending Freedom International will represent the school before the European Court of Human Rights and contend that the denial of recognition for “an innovative school based on Christian values” should draw scrutiny, according to a press release from the faith-based legal advocacy organization.

“The right to education includes the right to embrace innovative approaches like hybrid schooling,” ADF International Director of European Advocacy Felix Böllmann said in the release. “By restricting this educational model, the state is violating the right of German citizens to pursue education that conforms with their convictions. When it comes to the requirement of physical presence, Germany has one of the most restrictive educational systems in the world.”


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