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Woman says ‘odd’ food choices indicated her child was transgender


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American Thinker

A woman who recently testified against a Louisiana bill that would ban sex change surgeries for minors said she eventually realized that her biological daughter's "odd" food choices indicated a transgender identity. The mother gave the preposterous testimony before the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee during discussions on House Bill 463, which would prohibit "certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor child."

The mother, speaking about her child that now identifies as a transgender boy, told Louisiana lawmakers: "We couldn't figure out what the problem was. We took him to specialists and neurologists, and he had brain scans trying to figure out why he couldn't sleep. As he grew, he got to sleeping. But his food choices were odd. They were always like green vegetables, raw green vegetables, which, if you know kids, most kids don't like to eat those things.":snip:

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