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Election Integrity's Biggest Threat: Big Tech


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Gatestone Institute

Why Republicans Cannot Win; Monitor Tech Manipulations, Make Findings Public

Robert Epstein
April 30, 2023

  • [T]ech companies... can flip elections any and all ways they please without anyone knowing.

  • When you monitor, you can catch them in their shenanigans, and you can get them to back down. We got Google to back down by exposing some of the manipulations that they were engaging in in the presidential election.

  • You may not have heard the term "ephemeral experiences" before.... These are very brief experiences that we all have online every day. They are things like newsfeeds, search results, search suggestions, sequences of YouTube videos. None of that is recorded anywhere. It affects us, as Google executives know full well.


  • What you see again is that pattern. It is so disturbing. The highest level of those vote reminders was seen by moderates, then liberals, then conservatives at the bottom: fewer vote reminders going to one particular political group. Over time, that has an incredible impact on an election.

  • This is not like all the nonsense you see about – and I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone – but the nonsense about voter fraud. Those are tiny incidents compared to what is happening here on a massive scale. That is because Google search results are seen each day in the United States 500 million times.

This is not like stuffing a ballot box with a few hundred ballots. This is a massive manipulation. That is why monitoring has to be set up. No laws, no regulations will ever stop this. Monitoring can stop it cold.

As far as I know, I'm the only one in the world doing this research and this monitoring. That is because Google is paying off everyone else.


  • We have to understand that [the services they provide] are as essential now as air and water. They must be regulated. Access to all information, the gateway to all information – that has to be regulated. Our brains are shaped according to the information we receive. We have to protect that process.

  • You cannot break up the Google search engine. It will not work.... By the way, Google is one of Elizabeth Warren's major donors. I bet you that breakup plan that she proposed was actually developed at Google.

  • If you "break up big tech," all you are doing is forcing them to sell off a few of the companies they bought. Google buys on average another company every week. [A "breakup" will] just enrich them....

  • It does not take away the three big threats: The threat to democracy, the threat to free speech, and of course the manipulation and the surveillance that is occurring. "Breaking them up" will have no impact on the big threats that these companies pose.

  • When it comes to politics, we have to face the sad truth. People are generally out for themselves. They often put their personal priorities and their desire to get reelected ahead of their ideals, the ideals of this country, or the ideals that are embodied in the constitution. We have all seen this over and over again.


  • There is a simple way to end Google's monopoly on search. Their index – their big database they use to generate search results – just make it public.

  • When you consider that we are spending billions now in campaigns, $50 million to get this system going is not all that much. That is how you do it. We not only can collect the data very, very rapidly and analyze it rapidly, we know now that we can get these companies to back off.

  • One of the leaks from Google, not long ago, was an eight‑minute video called* "The Selfish Ledger," about the ability Google has to re‑engineer humanity according to "company values."

  • Google is the biggest threat. They have the most power to manipulate, and they do so aggressively and strategically and unapologetically. They are arrogant people, in my opinion. Extremely arrogant people who think they have the power of gods. You know what? They do, and they exercise it.



May 17, 2018

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09.28.19 | Imagine if free will just disappeared – and we didn’t even notice. Author and psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein started researching Google before the 2016 election and has since found chilling evidence that this is now the reality we’re facing. A Clinton supporter himself, he was disturbed to see how bias in Google’s search results was shifting votes to the left – and it didn’t stop there. Epstein warns about how everything from Google’s “free” tools to their work with world governments is part of a massive data-collecting surveillance system. He predicts that if this continues, in 2020 we won’t be able to distinguish between reality and the suggestions we’re fed. That is, unless we fight tech with tech.

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