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Tucker Carlson Ousted Before He Could Respond to 60 Minutes and Ray Epps [Imaginary Tucker Carlson Monologue for Monday, April 24th, 2023]


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Sasha Stone - SubStack

TUCKER CARLSON: “Good Evening, and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. No doubt you’ve heard of the name Ray Epps. You have heard his name many times on this broadcast in connection with the events of January 6th. You’ve heard me tell you that our government was lying about what happened that day and that they haven’t stopped lying, and that they have an entire media empire helping them lie to you every day.

But those compliant patsies are never going to be threatened with legal action, like a defamation case, to shut them up, just like all of the talk about hacked voting machines after 2016 by Jill Stein and many in the media never led to defamation cases like the one Fox just settled with Dominion for $800 million.

Oh no.

If you’ve learned one thing from watching my show, it’s this: it’s always okay when they do it, but not when you do it. They are special, and you are not.:snip:

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How do I know that? Well, because Epps now has a fancy lawyer from Team Blue called Michael Teter, he appears to have been threatening a defamation case against Fox News and this program.

If Fox were to suddenly pull me off air the morning after 60 Minutes aired, that would mean avoiding a potential lawsuit by Michael Teter and his powerful friends. No official censorship necessary.

Fox would have known that the Cease and Desist letter came just a few weeks before the 60 Minutes segment, and that would have been too hard for me to resist.

THIS might actually be close to The Truth.



16 seconds in and the 1st LIE appears.

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3 days ago

“It’s hard to see our capitol under attack” bro you LITERALLY told them to do this:angry:


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