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Hunter Biden investigation: Intel laptop letter signers scored top jobs in Biden administration


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Washington Examiner

Three ex-intelligence officials who signed on to an influential 2020 letter baselessly linking Hunter Biden’s laptop to Russia later were tapped for top roles in the federal government under President Joe Biden, records show.

The October 2020 letter, which over 50 former intelligence officials joined and alleged Russia had involvement with the laptop, has since come back under the spotlight following ex-Obama CIA acting Director Mike Morell testifying to Congress that then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken, now secretary of state, “triggered” him to organize it. Three signatories of this same controversial letter, Jeremy Bash, Russell Travers, and Nicholas Rasmussen, went on to be handpicked for senior Biden administration posts.:snip:

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Why I didn’t sign the Hunter Biden laptop letter

Americans should be careful to distinguish between retired and actively serving U.S. intelligence officers

Daniel N. Hoffman

Thursday, April 27, 2023

On Oct. 18, 2020, I was one of the many retired senior officials who received an email from former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, asking us to sign the now-infamous letter that suggested that emails found on the laptop of Hunter Biden — the son of Joe Biden, the former vice president and then-presidential candidate — had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

At first glance, laying the blame on the Kremlin’s doorstep made sense. Russian President Vladimir Putin was notorious for mounting disinformation and espionage operations against Russia’s “main enemy,” the United States.


But the email I received from Mr. Morell did not invite any further discussion or debate. The letter was a fait accompli. It was being passed around for signatures, not edits.

I’ve never been one to put my name to words someone else wrote on my behalf. Moreover, I was focused at the time on other, more important priorities: My wife, Kim, was late into her third year of fighting cancer, which would take her life in a few months. She entered hospice care a couple of weeks after the presidential election.  

And so, I did not sign the letter and never responded to the email.



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