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GOP Introduces the Strongest Border Bill In History


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House Republicans are taking a stand against President Joe Biden's poor open border policies that have negatively affected the country while he stands back and ignores the crisis. 


On Thursday, GOP members pushed a massive immigration package set to reach the floor next month for a vote, aimed at ending the damaging border crisis caused by Democrats. 

The package combines two bills, both severely criticized by the Left. One measure includes restrictions on asylum-seekers from the Judiciary Committee, and another is from the Homeland Committee that would require completing former President Trump's border wall.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) said the package will be one of the "strongest border security packages that Congress has ever taken" up.

"We're going to bring a border security package and pass it through this House of Representatives. And we challenge President Biden to work with us to solve this problem," Scalise added. 

Republicans promised to bring the bill to the floor the same week: Title 42, set to expire, a Trump-era prohibition on seeking asylum. Instead, the series of bills made it through the House Homeland Security, Judiciary, and Foreign Affairs committees after three months of going back and forth, mainly among Texas lawmakers:snip:

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