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Peter Boghossian: how the Academy got woke and why the 'New Atheists' are to blame | SpectatorTV


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Winston speaks to former Portland State University professor turned international philosopher, Peter Boghossian. Peter was a prominent new atheist author and expert on the Socratic method when he resigned his position at Portland over the percolation of ‘woke’ ideology into the university. In his resignation letter he described how the institution had become a ‘dogma factory’ which had ‘weaponized diversity, equity and inclusion’. Peter and Winston discuss progressive domination of the Academy, how woke spreads, DEI vs free speech, how to have constructive conversations and whether the new atheists led to woke culture.


00:00 – Introduction

00:49 – Why I resigned from Portland State University and the current state of academia

19:40 – What is the future for academic institutions?

29:07 – What do we mean by 'woke' and have we reached 'peak woke'?

40:12 – Can we still have constructive conversations?

43:00 – New atheism, quasi-religions and how to make a positive change to people's beliefs

01:0:23 – The National Progress Alliance and what's next for Peter

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